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Treatment Massage + Training

In these sessions, I use my knowledge as an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer in conjunction with my skills as a massage therapist. After many years of working with injured clients using clinically-based modalities, I found myself continually facing the same conundrum. My clients' pain was going away; functional range of motion was returning to the weak and injured area; yet the journey to becoming completely pain-free, strong and aligned wasn't progressing the way I wanted. After much thought, it became clear that even though the chronically tight muscles were staying loose and functioning better as a result of massage, the chronically weak muscles on the opposite side of the body weren't changing at all as result of the massage. Thus, the path to healing and wellness was halted.

So I decided to do something about it, and went back to school and got my certification as a Personal Trainer. As a Personal Trainer, my interests are in training muscles to work functionally in all the basic movements required by activities of daily living (ADL). In these sessions, we will use orthopedic assessment to determine which muscles are chronically weak and which chronically strong. Treatment sessions will be a combination of hands on work to release tight muscles and personal training sessions where we will concentrate on activating and learning how to strengthen chronically weak muscles.