Relaxation + Wellness Massage

Full body. Swedish. Integrate body and mind.

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Therapeutic Massage

Spot-specific. Focused. Clinically-based treatment modalities. Train your body to release and heal on its own. Learn to live without pain. 

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Therapeutic Massage + Training

The chronic aches and pains are gone. Sessions work on resolving underlying postural issues and incorporating therapeutic training and functional movement patterns to keep them away. Leave pain behind and move towards your full potential.

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Sports Massage

Sports-specific techniques to help you recover faster. Injury rehab, injury prevention, maintenance, pre- or post-event.

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Prenatal Massage

Nurture and support your body and your baby through this life-changing process. Find relief as your body transforms. 

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Combination Massage

Your neck hurts, but a foot rub sure would be nice. You know your low-back needs a tune-up, but it's been a hard day and you need to relax. The combination massage meets you wherever you are right now, with a balance of therapeutic and relaxation techniques to heal you, mind body and soul. 

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Traditional Thai Massage

Therapeutic body work includes compression, line work, and deep stretches. Great for athletes. Performed on a mat, client fully clothed. Come wearing loose, comfortable clothing.