New Clients


You're in great hands

The moment you step into the spacious, historic downtown office, I hope you will experience the personalized care and attention that defines my work and my practice. While you sip a cup of tea, I will ask you to fill out a medical history form. We will then go over this form together, and most likely perform a postural assessment. This assessment will allow me to see which muscles are chronically tight, which chronically weak, and gives me a good idea of what might be going on in your body that is causing you pain, stress or discomfort. This, in addition to the information provided in your medical history form, will help me to design an initial session for you that is safe and effective.

We will also discuss your previous experiences with massage, what modalities and pressure work best for you, and any expectations you may have about your session. Understanding your experience and expectations helps ensure that your first massage matches your needs. 

Once we have gathered all the information needed to make your first massage   effective and satisfying, I will ask you to undress to your level of comfort and lie on the massage table under the blanket as I leave the room. Once you are on the table, begin taking some deep, centering breaths and allow your body to soften and relax. I will return shortly to begin the session.

Because this initial session is a detailed, in-depth process in which we will determine together the best type of massage  for you, I charge a flat-rate. Once the session is over, we will discuss the "type" of massage that will be best for you to schedule going forward, empowering you to choose your own treatment in future sessions. Regardless of what you book, each session will always begin with a 10-15 minute conversation where we will go over the results of your last session, any new developments, and anything we can add, tweak, or change in the massage to make it even more the massage you need that day. If needed, we will do another postural assessment or some movement screens to identify what has changed and what needs to be addressed in the session. 

A good massage is so often a result of clear and open communication. Your safety and comfort is very important to me. I encourage you to let me know anything I can do to make your massage more satisfying. 


First Visit Flat Rates

Medical Intake, Postural Assessment & 60 Min Massage 90 minutes, $90


Medical Intake, Postural Assessment, & 90 Min Massage 120 minutes, $120