My Practice

My mission is to help your body learn to live free.

Free from pain. Free from injury. Free from uncomfortable, poor posture. But also, free of stress. Free of anxiety. Free from the mental chatter that tries to convince you you're more brain than body.

My passion for massage therapy began at an early age, when the summer dance camp I attended in 5th grade brought in a massage therapist to train the dancers how to give each other massage during the week of dancing. I felt an affinity for the work, and brought the techniques home to work on my mother, who suffered from chronic back pain. In high school I worked at a speed and agility clinic alongside sports massage therapists and athletic trainers in Portland, OR. In college, I apprenticed at a naturopath and acupuncture clinic where I learned how to implement massage alongside other complementary and alternative therapy.

I am a graduate from Bozeman’s Healthworks Institute, a 1000 hour program, and pursue a continuing education agenda that exceeds state requirements. My therapeutic work blends Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Assessment, Sports Massage, Functional Movement Techniques, Flexibility Training, Deep tissue, and Relaxation techniques. I believe in listening to you and your body and customizing treatment to bring you the most effective relief. I'm also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, which I use in conjunction with my massage skills to strengthen weak muscles as I relax the chronically over-tight for lasting relief. 

When not massaging, I can be found running up and down Mt. Sentinel, devouring novels, snowboarding, or snuggling with my miniature poodle, Poppy.