What should I wear during the massage?

After checking in with you about how you feel and what you need that day, I will leave the room and ask you to undress to "your level of comfort." Whatever makes you comfortable, whether you prefer to wear all your underclothes or go fully nude, is fine with me. During the massage, I use the sheets to drape, or frame, the area of your body that I am working on, so that only that one area is exposed at a time. The rest of your body will remain covered to keep you warm and comfortable.

If you are hoping for deep or specific work on your neck and shoulders, it is helpful to remove your bra and any jewelry around your neck. If you are coming in for a sports massage, wearing shorts during the massage can be helpful as it is likely the session will incorporate assisted and resisted stretching.

My last massage was way too deep/light. How do I get the right pressure?

Experienced massage therapists can generally find an approximate pressure that will work for an individual client. However, you are the person who lives in that body, the only one who can truly know what your body needs. For this reason, I will ask you during your intake about your preferred pressure and any positive or negative experiences you've had on the table. The more information you can feel safe to share with me during the intake, the more effective and satisfying your massage will be.

Once you are on the table, I will apply pressure in consideration of what I've learned from you during the intake, and I will ask you quite frequently at the beginning of the massage, "Would you like more or less pressure?" Feel free to give me as much feedback as you need to so that I can find that perfect pressure. The pressure we are ideally looking for is one that feels like we are getting to the desired, tight muscles, but not so deep that your body feels like it needs to tighten up to protect against the pressure.

Once I feel like I have found the correct amount of pressure for you, I will generally drop off asking about pressure, so that you have the chance to deeply relax. However, at any point during a massage, you can always say, "more" or "less" to let me know you would like me to adjust the pressure. Even if I am not asking, I am always listening for those cues and feedback from you. It can be difficult to speak up when you are lying on the table, and it is my job to give you easy cues and to create a safe space where you feel enabled to ask for what you need.

Am I supposed to tip?

Tipping is neither expected nor required. However, if you enjoyed your services, it is customary to tip 15-20%, and is always appreciated.

Why is the new client session more expensive?

In the new client session, we do a full medical intake as well as a postural assessment, and may even include movement screens if indicated. This initial interview takes about a half an hour and gives me the information I need to make sure your first session is performed safely, brings about your desired results, and allows for the full hands-on time. Thus, a first-time one hour massage will take 90 minutes and cost $90, and a first-time 90 minute massage will take 2 hours and cost $120. To learn more about the initial intake and assessments, please click here.

What if I don't know what type of massage to book? 

The reason I offer so many types of massage is to offer clients another chance to speak up for the type of massage they want to receive. I know from personal experience that it can be intimidating and difficult to speak up once you are on the table, or even person to person, and this is a chance for a client to ask for the type of work they want from the comfort of their own homes. I try to provide extremely detailed descriptions of the different offerings here. However, every single session will begin with short conversation where we will talk about where you are physically, emotionally, and energetically, and together we will figure out what type or combination of types of work will best suit you that day. So, if you aren't sure, pick one that sounds the best, and we will figure it out together when you arrive at my office. 

Where should I park downtown?

A parking structure is conveniently located across Higgins and one block toward the river from my office at 134 W Main St. Parking is free for the first hour and only costs $1.00/hr after that. If you're running late or prefer street parking, you can also download the Passport Parking App here. With the app you can pay for street parking over your phone and add more time over text message if needed. You can even drive to other spots downtown and your parking time will still apply. Or, if you don't want to mess with the hassle of parking at all, know that the Mountain Line Bus is Zero-far and takes you directly to my block. Alternatively, there are great bike paths along Higgins and multiple bike stands directly in front of my office.